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Break Your Best Series : Breaking Par ?>

Break Your Best Series : Breaking Par

In this stage of your golf game, you’ve already established a pretty reliable and dependable swing. This is paramount in getting your game to the next level. You have the game to take risks, make birdies, but can still have a blow-up hole or two on occasion. At this stage, the key to is simply to reduce your mistakes, stay level-headed and the scores will come. Here’s some extra tips to get you there, many of which are all on…

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The Reverse Weight Shift ?>

The Reverse Weight Shift

Hanging back on your hind-leg through impact side is a common swing fault for amateur golfers. This position is indicative of a classic reverse weight shift. This position is also called the “reverse C” finish. If you’re falling backwards after a shot, or notice your body weight on your hind leg after a shot (which is much more common than you may think), you suffer from this swing fault. A common ball flight and trajectory with this fault is a…

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TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Rescue Review ?>

TaylorMade RBZ Stage 2 Rescue Review

Editor’s Rating Performance Feel Value Looks Innovation Overall Hey everyone, hope you’re enjoying your weekendf and spring break.  As a follow-up to a previous post on the RBZ Stage 2 Tour Hybrid review we did, here is our review of the non-Tour version from our independent reviewer.  As you may recall, our reviewer was a little disappointed with the Stage 2 tour version of the hybrid, so let’s hope (for TaylorMade’s sake) that this hybrid stacks up a little better….

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Remember Those? – Top-Flite System C and System T Golf Balls ?>

Remember Those? – Top-Flite System C and System T Golf Balls

Have you ever experienced one of those “it was a really good idea at the time” moments? Have you ever thought of a ridiculous idea, gone through with said idea and then been sued by one of the world’s largest golf companies because they didn’t appreciate the use of their name in your marketing materials? Ya… me neither. But I know someone that has… As much as I love the latest and greatest in golf equipment, I’ll always have a…

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Bettinardi 2014 Putter Line-Up ?>

Bettinardi 2014 Putter Line-Up

Hey everyone, and happy holidays! Today we’ve got the new 2014 Bettinardi line-up to share with you. Below you’ll find images and descriptions from their catalogue of their entire line-up. Enjoy!   BB1 Putter Crafted for those who expect a timeless design, the BB1 embodies the tradition of a classic heel toe weighted blade. The soft bumpers and definitive muscles make this the time-honored Bettinardi putter. This BB Series staple has an elongated neck with light mill marks displaying the…

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