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Month: February 2015

Stop Golf Equipment Bullying ?>

Stop Golf Equipment Bullying

It should come as no surprise to many of you that golf club sales is a multi-billion dollar advertising game. If you have enough money, you can play. This specific fact means that major golf OEM’s pretty much have a monopoly over their current market positions. Sucks to be the little guy. In actual fact, owning the #1 position in anything golf these days is a recipe for printing money. Proof of this fact are claims like Mizuno’s: the #1…

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Adams Insight XTD Hybrid-Fairway ?>

Adams Insight XTD Hybrid-Fairway

Adams Golf has created a new breed of fairway wood with the introduction of the Insight XTD Hybrid-Fairway. Adams Golf found that the fairway wood category lacked technology and innovation. The Insight XTD features Boxer Technology which helps create a high MOI and a lower spin rate… buzz words that are familiar in the driver market. These woods are basically a combination of a hybrid and a fairway wood. Adams will offer three versions…  the a3 (for medium to fast…

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The Drill Tiger Woods Hates – Cure your Push and your Hook ?>

The Drill Tiger Woods Hates – Cure your Push and your Hook

Butch Harmon was an advocate of this drill, and it was used quite often on Tiger Woods. Tiger Woods said that this drill, was by far, the worst of all the drills he has tried to fix his game. Guess what? It can help your game too. To practice this drill, setup to a ball, and swing to the top of your backswing, then stop. Count to two slowly to yourself before finishing the swing. This drill is very effective…

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Cleveland HiBore Irons – Info And Pictures ?>

Cleveland HiBore Irons – Info And Pictures

Hey everyone. We’ve talked a bit about the new Cleveland HiBore irons and now we’ve got some pictures and info to share. The odd picture has made it’s way onto the net already and it’s very obvious that these irons are designed for the higher handicap looking for a stable and forgiving iron. First… some quick facts…. – We’ll see the HiBore irons in stores starting at the end of January… Feb 3rd is the official launch date although they…

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The Forward Press – Good or Bad? ?>

The Forward Press – Good or Bad?

A forward press is a swing technique many golfers use to initiate there stroke. Most commonly seen in chipping and putting, it’s a simple movement of the hands towards the target before a stroke starts. The question is, is this a good or bad habit?     A little history lesson…   For forty years, starting in the 1920’s, most professionals employed a wristy putting stroke, this style was effective because most putters of those days had lots of loft…

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