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Month: February 2015

Break The Rules, Enjoy The Game ?>

Break The Rules, Enjoy The Game

Brandel Chamblee former PGA tour player and current commentator for the Golf Channel recently vented about the belly putter: “I don’t think there’s any place for it. There shouldn’t be any place for it in professional golf,” Chamblee said. “When you consider all of the mistakes it allows you to alleviate; the infinite number of places you can go wrong with the stroke … for example, the stroke can go out to in or vice versa. Having said that, none…

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Cobra AMP Cell Iron Review ?>

Cobra AMP Cell Iron Review

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by tonight. Today we’ve got a review for you of the Cobra AMP Cell irons. Read the full review below! Enjoy! Look Cobra created a fantastic looking line of irons this year, beginning with the AMP CELL. Similar to the other Cobra products, golfers will have their choice of colors, including the stock silver, or custom selection of orange, blue or red. While the iron is a silver color, the cavity of the club head…

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Charge Your Phone Right From Your Golf Cart ?>

Charge Your Phone Right From Your Golf Cart

There’s a ton of technology out there to help your golf game. There’s golf course GPS, fancy little shaft toppers that help analyze your swing, pocket caddies, and a host of other applications to use. The problem is not with the amount of game assisting technology out there but rather keeping your device charged for the roughly 5 hours it takes to play a full game of golf. Now there are portable charges to help you charge your device on…

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Fourteen Golf Launches ST-110 Driver ?>

Fourteen Golf Launches ST-110 Driver

Fourteen Golf, a company better known for their high-end wedge designs has launched their brand new ST 110 Driver. This high-performance club features a four-piece titanium head that guarantees you extra yards off the tee. The crown of this clubface is made with two different types of titanium, the company says this addition makes the crown incredibly lightweight, allowing for additional weight to be placed back in the sole of the club for added MOI and a higher launch angle….

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Golf Tips off Different Types of Golf Grass ?>

Golf Tips off Different Types of Golf Grass

Few golfers know what kind of grass their playing on, let alone how the grass has an impact on their games from tee to green. Pros on the other hand are very aware of this change, and can and do make adjustments to their equipment, swings and technique to help better their chances of scoring well. In this article we’ll talk a little bit about the most common types of golf grasses out there, and how they can affect your…

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