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Month: March 2015

Impact vs. Address ?>

Impact vs. Address

I want to start this post off by clarifying something… your impact and address positions should not be identical. I hear it more than most, but the ‘tip’ of mimicking your address position at impact is not one to follow. Yes, there are some similarities between these positions, however there are also vast differences. Despite the differences between these two overlaid images it is clear that my head does not move much at all in relation to these two positions….

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TaylorMade SpeedBladez Irons ?>

TaylorMade SpeedBladez Irons

Taylormade is at it again, as they officially released their new Speedbladez irons for the 2014 season.  After their launch of the Rocketbladez irons last season and the speed pocket technology, Taylormade up the ante with the next version… although we’re not exactly sure by how much.  These new irons feature a similar speed pocket to the Rocketbladez (although slightly larger), but with a lower centre of gravity and increased weight on the heel and toe to promote straighter shots…

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Break Your Best Series: Break 100 ?>

Break Your Best Series: Break 100

No matter the golfer. We all have a scoring barrier that continues to elude us. Whether your relatively new to the game and fighting to break 100, or you’re a scratch player trying to finally beat your best round that’s eluded you for many years, there’s a way to take your game to the next level. Surprisingly as well, depending on what level you’re trying to break, there are specific things that each and every golfer will face in attempts…

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Introducing Cleveland’s new putters ?>

Introducing Cleveland’s new putters

Good day and as always, thanks for stopping by. Today we’d like to tell you a little bit about Cleveland Golf’s new TFi 2135 putters and the TFi Smart Square putters. These are two of the most advanced putters Cleveland Golf has ever given us. Their tour-inspired designs feature a copper-infused, milled face cap over a copolymer insert for excellent consistency and feel. Combining the materials creates immediate feedback from sound and feel when striking the ball. The copolymer insert gives consistent speed…

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Nike VR Pro Combo Iron Review ?>

Nike VR Pro Combo Iron Review

Good afternoon everyone, today we’re sharing with you a review of the Nike VR Combo irons that are geared towards lower handicapped players. And if your have ever been turned off to Nike equipment because of their feel in the past it may be time to re-think your position and give these irons a shot.  They are simply beautiful, playable blades. Look The Nike VR Pro Combo irons are designed with a progressive cavity in long irons to pure blade…

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