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Month: March 2015

Kikkor Golf Gets a Big Break ?>

Kikkor Golf Gets a Big Break

Good morning everyone! Golf equipment aficionados might want to tune into the new season of Big Break starting in October as Kikkor Golf founder James Lepp is one of the contestants on the Greenbrier edition. James was a very highly regarded amateur player here in Canada and had some success on the Canadian Tour as well. Lepp took a bit of a break from the game a few years back and started Kikkor Golf. I’m a big fan of Kikkor…

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Mizuno Launches Cross Eight 501 Ball for 2011 ?>

Mizuno Launches Cross Eight 501 Ball for 2011

Mizuno is launching their all new 5-piece golf ball, the next generation of the Cross Eight ball on September 10th. Fresh off the success of their first ever professional win with their golf ball, when Japanese Ladies Tour star Ajane Iijima won using the Mizuno MP-801X ball in June.  This new golf ball the Cross Eight 501 will feature a 5-piece construction that claims to be soft and responsive for short, slower swing speed shots, and deep off the tee….

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Kuro Kage Black HBP Profile ?>

Kuro Kage Black HBP Profile

  Profile – This latest from Mitsubishi Rayon is the Kuro Kage Black HBP – but it isn’t exactly new to the market. This shaft has been on the market for sometime, and this re-make of it offers a Higher Balance Point – hence the HBP. This shaft has a particularly interesting bend profile – one that starts stiff at the butt, loosens up in the mid-section, and maintains that through to the tip.  It’s quite noticeably softer and more responsive…

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Callaway Launches OptiForce Drivers ?>

Callaway Launches OptiForce Drivers

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by, we’re hoping you’re enjoying your summer!  Callaway made some news last week with releasing their new line of drivers called OptiForce. The driver and fairway wood combo are designed to deliver speed and distance to all players – and have been developed to specifically add extra swing speed and ball speed to your shots.  Callaway even went so far as to claim a 23% reduction in drag over a conventionally shaped driver.  Amusingly, this…

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Whitlam Golf/Gauge Design Putters ?>

Whitlam Golf/Gauge Design Putters

Hey everyone. Hope your weekend is going well. We love talking about smaller golf companies that make great products but can’t grab a piece of the spotlight (yet). Tonight I thought I’d post some pictures from Whitlam Golf/Gauge Design. Some readers might recognize the name… they make some of the finest putters in the world.  The company is poised to make a North American push and hopes that their popularity in Asia and the U.K. can carry through into the…

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