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Month: May 2015

Golf’s Tradition is Golf’s Demise ?>

Golf’s Tradition is Golf’s Demise

Who would have thought it would come to this. The game of golf, wrapped in tradition and history, has started to falter, stumble and fade away. Golf courses are closing their doors, golf club manufacturers are filing for bankruptcy, membership sales are down, and tee-sheets are looking scarce. What is the future of our beloved game? Is there any hope? The numbers In the USA, the number of golfers dropped by 1.5 million or about 5%, from 28.6 million in…

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True Linkswear PHX Golf Shoe Review ?>

True Linkswear PHX Golf Shoe Review

I recently had the pleasure of testing out new True Linkswear’s line-up of PHX shoes out on a mountain golf trip with the old man. Since we had a whole week of golf planned, and I wanted to protect my sensitive feet, I saved the first test-round for a day when we had a cart.  We’ve all been there, when you first test out a pair of shoes and you have to “work them in” before they truly fit your…

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Titleist 712 CB Iron Review ?>

Titleist 712 CB Iron Review

Editor’s Rating Performance If you have the game, these will treat you well Feel Sweet shots give you a sweet feel Value Not cheap but better players will pay for the quality Looks Thin top line, round profile.. beautiful Innovation What these lack in technology they make up in feel and looks Overall Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Today we’re sharing with you a review of the Titleist 712 CB Irons.  These beautiful blades are definitely made for better…

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Aldila Tour Green & Tour Blue Shaft Profiles ?>

Aldila Tour Green & Tour Blue Shaft Profiles

Profile – This latest offering from Aldila for the 2014 season are the Tour Blue and Tour Green shafts that were launched in the fall of 2013, and are just now coming out in full force with a variety of weights. These shafts differ from each other almost solely in their tip strength. The Blue has a softer tip that create more spin and a higher launch angle, whereas the Green has a stiffer tip for less spin and lower…

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Nike VR_S Driver Review ?>

Nike VR_S Driver Review

Editor’s Rating Performance Feel Value Looks Innovation Overall Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by, today we’ve got a review of the Nike VR_S Driver for you.  This driver was released early in 2012, and was the next generation of the Machspeed line, incorporating many of it’s technological enhancements – like the aerodynamic properties. Let’s get to the review… Looks Compared to previous drivers Nike delivered a more traditional pear shape design with the release of the 460 cc Nike VR_S…

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