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Month: June 2015

Rory McIlroy to Nike Golf? **UPDATED** ?>

Rory McIlroy to Nike Golf? **UPDATED**

The rumors of Rory jumping to Nike Golf aren’t really all that new (they’ve been floating around online for a while) but I’m hearing that it might finally be a done deal. It’s still too early to speculate what clubs might fill his new Nike golf bag but from what I understand he’ll be able to retain his endorsement deal with Jumeirah Group and still wear their logo on his hat… something that doesn’t happen all that often as Nike…

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How to Avoid Golf Injuries – Tips for Beginners ?>

How to Avoid Golf Injuries – Tips for Beginners

Taking up a new sport can be highly rewarding, both physically and mentally, but it’s essential to take caution and learn the proper movements to avoid future injury. Like many sports practicing the wrong move can set you up for an injury, which is why professional instruction is always best no matter the sport. One sport that can be particularly harmful to new players is golf. The amount of pressure this game puts on your back and wrists during a…

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Nike’s New Covert Driver ?>

Nike’s New Covert Driver

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Nike Golf’s got a big release coming out today of their new driver.  You’ve likely seen a previous post on their ‘threat identified‘ campaign. We’ve got a sneak peek for you this morning to enjoy, and we’ll post color shots as they become available later today.  This driver was recently tested and approved on the USGA conforming list. It comes in two versions, with adjustable lofts, shafts, and the tour version also features an…

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A Simple Drill An Over-The-Top Steep Swing Path ?>

A Simple Drill An Over-The-Top Steep Swing Path

If anyone has ever given you hard time after skying a tee-shot with a comment like ‘I hope you brought your defroster’ then you’ll enjoy this next drill. Skied tee shots and chunks are often caused by the same swing fault — and over-the-top, steep downswing.  Since a large majority of the golfing population suffers from some degree of an over-the-top swing (from the simple pull, to the looping pull slice), we thought we’d share another great drill to combat…

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Cleveland 588 Forged Wedges (Updated) ?>

Cleveland 588 Forged Wedges (Updated)

Cleveland has recently released some pictures of their all new 588 Forged wedges on Twitter.  The satin finish definitely has a Titleist look to it – don’t you think?  See the picture below, and read what Cleveland has to say about these new wedges: Will come in lofts between 46 – 64 degrees with multiple bounce options. The 588 Forged boasts 1025 carbon steel for incredibly soft, solid feel. The 588Forged also has Tour Zip Grooves and Laser Milled face…

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