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Month: June 2015

The Golf Ad Wars – What’s the Point? ?>

The Golf Ad Wars – What’s the Point?

I suppose for it to be a war, Taylormade would have to fight back, regardless, Callaway is definitely calling TaylorMade out after their release of the R11 driver. So far Taylormade hasn’t seemed to notice, and rightly so, the R11 has already seen some great success on tour (to date 2152 white metalwoods on tour). Besides, TaylorMade has been busy taking their marketing direction along a more “guerrilla” route, with stunts like the Giant R11 and lining a street of…

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3 Simple Yip Cures You’ve Likely Never Tried ?>

3 Simple Yip Cures You’ve Likely Never Tried

I hate the yips. It seems that every two years or so, after missing a couple of short putts – my mind goes into “don’t miss it” mode, and I’m faced with another couple weeks of awful, yip-filled rounds of golf. Now I guess I really shouldn’t complain, I’ve heard the horror stories of players quitting the game because their yips got so bad, or even people whose yips have progressed to affect their chipping and full-swing shots. I’m glad…

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The Web Reacts To The USGA’s Anchored Putter Rule ?>

The Web Reacts To The USGA’s Anchored Putter Rule

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by this afternoon.  There’s been a lot of buzz over the past few days over the proposed new ruling from the USGA banning an anchored putting stroke.  Personally, we feel this is a mistake by the USGA, and will just contribute to the decline of the game.  But that’s neither here nor there.  Truth be told the pros affected by this new proposed ruling have been pretty quiet online.  Those pros affected include Luke Donald,…

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Project X Graphite Shaft Profile ?>

Project X Graphite Shaft Profile

Profile – Project X Graphite – if any shaft can be said to have made the most noise on tour in 2010, this would be it. This driver shaft technology is working of the success of their iron shafts and provides a penetrating mid-low ball trajectory with very low spin. The shaft is geared towards better players, single digit handicaps and touring professionals and has a similar bend profile to the irons. What Makes It Work – The Project X…

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Adams Introduces DiXX Putter ?>

Adams Introduces DiXX Putter

Thanks for stopping by. We’re getting a sneak peak at some of the new equipment that will be introduced in Orlando next week and it’s pretty exciting. Adams Golf has announced that they have teamed with a South Korean company to bring the DiXX Digital Instructional Putter to North America. This is a pretty cool idea. The DiXX uses sensors inside the head of the putter to collect data on the putting stroke. It then displays all of the info…

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