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Month: July 2015

The Secret To Smooth: Transition ?>

The Secret To Smooth: Transition

The game of golf would be so much easier if you could start at the top of the swing, and just swing down and through the ball. You’d eliminate so many pre-swing and backswing faults that mess up an otherwise simple move. If you could lift the club into a set position at the top, check and re-check everything, and then go – your swing would be pre-programmed and automatic. Easy as pie. Sadly though, the backswing is a requirement…

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The Ballad of Darren Clarke ?>

The Ballad of Darren Clarke

Good morning everyone! We got an email last week from the Irish Band the Corrigan Brothers. They were inspired to write their newest song after Darren Clarke’s big win at the Open Championship. I’ve attached the lyrics below… they’re in the process of getting the song recorded and I’ll be sure to post the finished product when I get it. Enjoy! The Ballad of Darren Clarke – Corrigan Brothers – (words and music Corrigan Brothers 2011) Darren Clarke Darren Clarke…

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The 7 Steps Every Backswing Should Have: Wrist Cock ?>

The 7 Steps Every Backswing Should Have: Wrist Cock

Next up in our series of backswing elements if one of the most important, and difficult parts to master – the wrist cock. During the initial parts of your backswing, your wrists do basically nothing but hang on for the ride. This part of the swing should only be your one-piece takeaway taking shape and your body laterally moving away from the target. Your wrist cock only begin once your hands reach your right pocket, or the club is close…

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Bubba’s Hover Craft ?>

Bubba’s Hover Craft

At first glance this looked like a late April Fool’s joke, but Oakley and Bubba Watson have teamed together to reinvent the golf cart – and build the first hovercart.  While they don’t expect the trend to catch-on, and were actually just using this as a marketing stunt to promote their partnership, you have to hand it to them for their creativity.  We all know Bubba isn’t exactly against extravagant things (like the half a million dollar watch on his…

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Cleveland Launches 588 RTX CB Wedges ?>

Cleveland Launches 588 RTX CB Wedges

Hi everyone, we’ve got a new release from Cleveland that’s bound to get wedge fans salivating.  Here’s our first look at the new ROTEX technology, used on the RTX Wedges.  We’ve got some snippets from the press release, a video explaining the new tech, and pictures of the new wedges below. Enjoy! Here’s what Cleveland has to say about these wedges: -16% Larger Grooves. Through more precise manufacturing, these U-Grooves are 16% larger than previous Tour Zip Grooves® to promote…

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