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Month: August 2015

TEEBOX: The World’s Best PHONE CHARGER for Golfers ?>

TEEBOX: The World’s Best PHONE CHARGER for Golfers

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by today. In the world of golf accessories, there’s always plenty of choice out there. Commonly, golf accessories are of those gifts you get from a relative who knows you well enough to know you play golf, but knows nothing about the game itself. It’s rare for golf accessory products to cross-over to the mainstream and become widely used by the golfing public. Things like the brush tee and the pocket cleaner are two products…

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Luck, Lucky Charms & Superstitions in Golf ?>

Luck, Lucky Charms & Superstitions in Golf

Charles Howell approached the 18th tee, on the 72nd hole of the 2005 Buick Invitational needing an eagle 3 to get into a playoff with Tiger Woods. From about 100 yards away, Charles struck his 3rd shot perfectly, the ball soared through the sky and landed in the cup… only to bounce backwards and spin into the nearby water. Golf is a funny game, it has been said that golf is 30% mental, 60% skill and 10% luck. I personally…

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First Look: Ping G25 Driver ?>

First Look: Ping G25 Driver

Good morning everyone, today we’re going to share with you the first look at the Ping G25 driver which popped up on the USGA conforming driver list this past Monday.  This new driver was tested in right and left-handed and features a adjustable shaft and weight screw in the heel.  This driver was tested in 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degrees. Enjoy the pictures below!

Callaway 2013 Line-up Trademarks ?>

Callaway 2013 Line-up Trademarks

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. We recently came across a plethora of Callaway trademarks that were recently filed. Nothing too shocking here, but nonetheless, we’ve likely stumbled upon a new iterations of the RAZR Fit driver, and RAZR X irons, and some new wedges likely on the horizon with the name V-Line. Here’s a short list of the trademarks filed, including what appear to be advertising slogans. Enjoy! RAZR Fit Extreme – Likely a new driver RAZR X Hot –…

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TaylorMade Trademarks ROCKETFUEL ?>

TaylorMade Trademarks ROCKETFUEL

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. I gotta say, I’m a little disappointed in TaylorMade’s latest trademark name choice “ROCKETFUEL”.  I mean, it’s cool, but so plain when you compare it to a name like “Rocketballz”.  This new trademark is under the “golf clubs” classification, but other than that that’s all we know. With a name like rocketfuel, I’d hope it would somehow improve the performance of the rocketballz line, but hey this only speculation at this point.  Time will…

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