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Month: October 2015

Extension Through Impact Drill ?>

Extension Through Impact Drill

Today we’re going to share with you a great drill to help fight the dreaded follow-through chicken wing, or pull-up at impact fault that plagues many people. This fault is characterized by top and thinned shots that lack distance, consistency and accuracy. This fault is surprisingly common, despite how awkward it looks in the video below. Even if you’re not routinely thinning your shots, this specific drill can really help people hit down and through the ball on their follow-through…

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Deadly Sand Mistakes ?>

Deadly Sand Mistakes

The single most important factor in judging distance in sand play is the length of your backswing. Your swing speed should not be rushed or slowed down in attempts to make the ball go the right distance.You should be accelerating at the same pace into the ball every time. A longer backswing means the club will be traveling faster coming into impact. Manipulating your swing speed in the sand is a common, deadly mistake. The results are rarely good… and…

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How To Hit A Fade ?>

How To Hit A Fade

The fade is the choice of most professionals for a reliable ball flight, including players like Tiger Woods and Fred Couples. This type of shot is ideal for scoring as it encourages a higher ball flight, coupled with additional backspin and is easily controlled. All this considered, there is a huge difference between a fade and a slice. A slice is very much as out of control as a hook, and playing one consistently is nearly impossible. Apart from changing…

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Shank It, To Fix It. ?>

Shank It, To Fix It.

The dreaded shank – hosel rocket, el hosel, shankapotamus, socketing, shanks for the memories. Many consider it the worst shot in golf. Arguably, most golfers admit that it is not technically a “golf shot” because it’s an unintentional action not a purposeful shot. defines the shank as: “Hitting the golf ball with the heel of the club, causing the ball to veer in the wrong direction.” And Brent Kelley on’s Golf Guide defines it as: “….a mis-hit that is so…

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Golf Courses & the Environment ?>

Golf Courses & the Environment

Our favorite sport has long been targeted as detriment to the environment. With the use of a variety of fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, and the blatant use of water (approximately 18 million gallons per course, per year), it’s no wonder we’re on the environmentalists bulls eye. In the near future however, with the growing number of green-golf-trends, we might just get back in to their good books. Here’s a look at what’s out there… Organic Golf Courses With on-going pressure…

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