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Month: October 2015

1234 Greenside Bunker Drill ?>

1234 Greenside Bunker Drill

Getting the ball out of a bunker effectively is a difficult concept to master. To do so a player must understand the specific differences between a sand shot and a normal shot. The swings are completely different, setup is different, and contact is very different. This drill will specifically help your setup and swing path into the ball, an essential part of sand fundamentals.   A common miss-conception of the normal sand setup is that the swing is identical to…

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Nike FREE-Inspired TW 2013 Shoes ?>

Nike FREE-Inspired TW 2013 Shoes

Starting June 8th, the Nike shoes Tiger dawned on tour last summer will be available to the public.  This shoe was designed directly from Woods’s feedback, and as you can see from the video is built using the FREE technology that has been so popular as of late. Retail price will be $220.  See the full release, video and pictures below. BEAVERTON, Ore. (May 31, 2012) – Nike Golf’s relentless pursuit of innovation continues to deliver technology that makes golfers…

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TaylorMade Releases JetSpeed Club Line-up ?>

TaylorMade Releases JetSpeed Club Line-up

TaylorMade engineers have been busy this summer.  Only a month or so ago, TaylorMade launched the SLDR Driver, fairway woods and hybrids. Now, their also launching a new line called the JetSpeed line.  This is likely the next generation of the RBZ Stage 2 (a set at a lower price point for the “average golfer”). For this line, only the driver is adjustable, unlike the SLDR line and will be available sometime in December likely.  No official release has been…

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Introducing uDesign by Callaway ?>

Introducing uDesign by Callaway

Callaway announced today a very cool personalization tool for it’s RAZR Fit line-up.  This new web based tool allows you to customize your RAZR Fit driver into over 70,000 unique combinations or colors, shafts, grips, lengths, loft, and more.  This innovation is one of the best things we’ve seen from Callaway in sometime, and it’s likely to get some good feedback from golfers.  Customizing clubs has always been a pain for golfers, and it often costs an arm and a…

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How to Cure Your Shank ?>

How to Cure Your Shank

We all hate hitting a shank. The root cause of it is a weight-shift issue. I’m not talking about the normal weight shift as you swing into the ball, but a weight shift towards the ball. The problems source lies in the feet… and the movement is so miniscule, it’s hard to believe it can be such a problem.   Your ability to keep your balance during your swing has a huge effect on the path your club takes into…

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