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Month: December 2015

36 Holes With A Callaway Hex Black ?>

36 Holes With A Callaway Hex Black

Okay, I’ll admit it, when it comes to golf balls, I’m a Titleist guy.  Even though I play Callaway irons and a Callaway driver, they’ve never produced a golf ball that I really liked (the original Rule 35’s Red & Blue aside). So when I was asked to test out the new Callaway Hex Black, I was already a little biased. Well I recently spent a week of vacation and headed down with the old man to play some golf…

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Transgendered Women & the LPGA ?>

Transgendered Women & the LPGA

Over the past few years, there has been a big hoopla over transgendered females wanting to play in the LPGA. Mianne Bagger, an Ladies European tour player was the first active transexual golfer when she became pro in 2003. For many years, Mianne campaigned for the LPGA to change its stance on transgender issues. This whole issue was really thrust into the spotlight when Lana Lawless filed a lawsuit against the LPGA’s policies in 2010 after she was unable to…

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Cobra Amp Cell Driver ?>

Cobra Amp Cell Driver

The new Cobra AMP Cell driver will be available in early February 2013 (assuming the apocalypse does not come before then), and will be available in 4 Cobra-esque colors, including the trademark bright orange.  This driver features the Fujikura Fuel White shaft and is available in three flexes – stiff and Regular (60g) and Lite (55g).  There will be two other versions as well — the AMP Cell Pro which features a MRC Kurokage shaft (65g) and a 440cc head and the…

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A Self-Correcting Driver? – Golf Patents ?>

A Self-Correcting Driver? – Golf Patents

I have heard that some golfers cannot hit the ball on the club head sweet spot. Hard to believe, I know. Well if you are one of those unfortunate golfers then the club disclosed in USPN 7070514 titled “Golf Club Head Having Internal Impact Assembly” may be just what you need.The patent describes the invention as: An improved golf club head having an internal impact assembly configured to improve the direction and distance of travel of a golf ball. The…

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Bushnell Neo+ GPS Range Finder ?>

Bushnell Neo+ GPS Range Finder

Let’s face it, some range finders out will cost you an arm and a leg, and can be difficult to operate.  If your new to range finders, one of the simplest to use range finders has recently hit the market.  Bushnell recently launched their Neo+ GPS range finder.  This baby will only set you back $149, and it’s ready to use out of the box.  That’s a pretty good deal considering some range finders will set you back $400 or…

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