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Month: January 2016

Online Tee Times: vs. ?>

Online Tee Times: vs.

If you pay full-rate for a tee-time nowadays, you’re an idiot. The introduction of a variety of tee-time based websites has made finding a game easier and cheaper than ever before. No longer will you be making endless calls on Friday evening, looking for somewhere to play Saturday morning… it’s just a few clicks away. There’s likely a website for your area, just google it to find out. Today I want to talk today about two of the best online…

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Get your hands on Callaway’s MD3 wedges ?>

Get your hands on Callaway’s MD3 wedges

Good day and thanks for stopping by. Today we’d like to remind you that Callaway’s MD3 Milled Wedges will become available nationwide starting Sept. 4th, 2015. Callaway says that the MD3 line is the most complete wedge line the company has ever created, having the versatility and selection for every shot, course condition and swing imaginable. Callaway leverages 3 unique grinds (S-Grind, C-Grind and the new W-Grind), and a new milled Progressive Groove Optimization system, optimizing spin for each loft that…

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XXIO Introduces New XXIO9 Driver and Fairway Woods ?>

XXIO Introduces New XXIO9 Driver and Fairway Woods

Hello and thanks for joining us once again. Today we’d like to introduce the 9th generation of the XXIO series, the XXIO9 driver and fairway woods. These new clubs will be available starting December 8, 2015. The new XXIO9 series clubs feature and entirely new and exciting technology. How does maintaining longer wrist cock without adjusting your swing to create a change in head path sound? Pretty good, no? That’s exactly what the new XXIO9 produces. This change increases head…

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Radical Callaway Driver – Golf Patents ?>

Radical Callaway Driver – Golf Patents

Earlier this week I posted about a Taylor Made patent application disclosing a pretty radical driver with fins. Well, Callaway has stepped up to the plate this week with a patent application disclosing a driver that is even more radical! Check out this Callaway driver design! The published patent application that may be giving us a sneak peak at future Callaway drivers published yesterday as US Pub. No. 20080139336 titled “C-Shaped Golf Club Head.”  So, will the finned Taylor Made…

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Ping 2014 Driver? ?>

Ping 2014 Driver?

A cool new patent has popped up over at the IP Patent Golf Blog. Since Ping rarely moves to patent unless the driver goes to market, we would assume this driver should hit the market sometime next year. This new driver has the classic Ping look, interchangeable shaft options and weight ports.  Also, when we dove a little deeper into this we also found some recent trademarks filed by Ping that likely give us the name of  some of this…

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