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Month: March 2016

Top 5 Issues Killing Golfers Over 50: Torso Rotation ?>

Top 5 Issues Killing Golfers Over 50: Torso Rotation

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by, today we’re going to take a closer look at the next series in our posts regarding golfers over the age of 50.  In this post we’ll cover some fantastic exercises you can perform at home to help combat #2 on our list of the top 5 problems killing golfers over 50, which is: torso rotation. Loss of torso (thoracic spine) rotation is a BIG issue with golfers over 50. Lack of this rotation leads…

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Callaway Speed Regime Golf Balls ?>

Callaway Speed Regime Golf Balls

First the first time in their history, Callaway customizes aerodynamics with the release of the Speed Regime golf ball – creating a different ball for different segments of golfers. SR1 Driver Swing Speeds under 90mph 4- Piece Optimized distance for moderate driver speeds More control and spin into greens       SR2 Driver Swing Speeds between 90 and 105mph 5- Piece Optimized distance for athletic speeds Regulated spin and control, combined with max speed and distance       SR3…

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Golf Gets a Refresh ?>

Golf Gets a Refresh

60 shots, 60 minutes, 60 points Golf has a nasty reputation of being an “old rich man’s game”, and unfortunately few people are doing anything to refute it. Yes some clubs are reducing rates, golf equipment is becoming a little cheaper, but ultimately, the game is dying a slow death through lack of interest, lack of new players, and scarce tee-sheets. What a way to go. That’s why it’s always nice to see something that is bound to attract new…

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Altitude & Golf Ball Distance ?>

Altitude & Golf Ball Distance

Did you know that your altitude or elevation can drastically affect the distance your ball can travel? Thicker, heavier air, like the air near sea-level is actually lighter, and will not produce as much friction against the ball during flight as dry air.  There are some studies on the affects of altitude on distance, but few provide actual numbers in terms of added yardage… and that’s likely because there is so many factors involved in the equation. When the PGA…

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XXIO Introduces Their Latest Irons: XXIO9 ?>

XXIO Introduces Their Latest Irons: XXIO9

Hey there – thanks for joining us again. Coming this December 8, XXIO will be introducing their latest in XXIO series with the 9th generation irons. With a recommended advertised price of $1,049.99 for a five club set, which features the XXIO MP900 graphite shaft and a MAP of $849.99 for the same set with steel shafts. Additional and single irons will also be available. The new XXIO9 series clubs feature a completely new technology that helps maintain wrist cock…

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