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Month: June 2016

The Next Cobra Driver? – Golf Patents ?>

The Next Cobra Driver? – Golf Patents

We’re pleased to introduce a new section to our site as we welcome The IP Golf Guy – David Dawsey. We’ve been fans of David’s Golf Patents website for a while… he is an expert in the area of intellectual property and golf patents. If a golf club company patents a design… David will find it. Today David shares some pictures of a new design from Acushnet (Titleist/Cobra).   Typically when a golf club design patent issues to one of…

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Nike Vapor Flex 440 Driver ?>

Nike Vapor Flex 440 Driver

Nike has launched a new line that is (yup, you guessed it) longer than their previous versions.  They custom designed this entire line that includes drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons to hit the ball higher with less spin for increased distance for all golfers. Welcome to the new Vapor Flex line. Nike was able to build the head of this driver with more than 60 percent carbon fiber reinforced RZN, making it incredibly light, and allowing its manufacturers to…

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The Pros Use Custom Fit Golf Clubs, Do You? ?>

The Pros Use Custom Fit Golf Clubs, Do You?

Whether you are a touring professional, or are simply considering taking up the game, one thing can be said of custom fit golf clubs: the comfort and confidence you get will repay their cost many times over. In fact, many of the best club manufacturers will offer you a free custom fitting session when you decide to purchase their brand of golf clubs. Professional golfers discovered the benefits of custom fit clubs decades ago. Touring pros today, sponsored by many…

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Stretching For Power Golf ?>

Stretching For Power Golf

Implementing stretching exercises to improve your power in golf is easier than you think…and it won’t kill you either!  What I mean by that is the time, effort and strain you’ll put in is minimal if you have a targeted, golf-specific stretching program that improves your golf swing flexibility for higher clubhead speed and maximum distance. How do you know if you’re doing a golf-specific stretching program?  By looking at each and every stretch to see if it mimics a…

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Leaked: Callaway RAZR Iron Clone Pics ?>

Leaked: Callaway RAZR Iron Clone Pics

Was surfing the web and came across an interesting post on a fellow blogger’s site – we use his stuff quite often on our Buzz feed – if you haven’t checked out, you’re in for a treat!  Anyway, it appears that someone in Callaway dropped the ball, as it’s quite rare to have clones out before the actual product hits the market.  But it appears clones were created, and we have the pics to show you of the new…

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