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Month: July 2016

Here’s the New Titleist 716 T-MB Utility Irons with Full Set on MOTO ?>

Here’s the New Titleist 716 T-MB Utility Irons with Full Set on MOTO

Hey again and thanks for coming to join us. This time we are introducing Titleist’s new 716 T-MB Utility iron which have a full set available. These irons are precisely engineered using an extreme amount of high density tungsten and deliver an unprecedented combination of high launch, long carry distance and forgiveness. Hailed as one of the most playable and forgiving utility irons in the game. The T-MB Utility Iron series will change the way players look at these type…

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Adams F11 Driver and Fairway Woods ?>

Adams F11 Driver and Fairway Woods

So what’s Adams up to?  Only a few months after they launch their Speedline 9064LS, we have another addition to the Speedline series, the F11.  There’s isn’t too much information on these clubs, however they will be available in driver and fairwood versions – see the pics below. Each version features something called “velocity slot tech”, which is most apparent in the fairway woods.  How do you guys feel about these?  I’m on the fence – I’ll have to give them…

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Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver ?>

Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Driver

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. If you’ve been following Callaway’s “Tweet To Unleash” campaign, you may have seen this pictures already, but Callaway recently released a video and new pictures of this driver, which we caught a sneak peek of in October.  Looks like the MSRRP is going to be $399, and will be available in January 2013.  Enjoy the pics and video below.

The Wrist Hinge Drill ?>

The Wrist Hinge Drill

While this fault may look silly, you’d be surprised how many players suffer from it. At the top of the backswing, some players are gripping the club so tightly, that their wrists do not hinge at the top.  If you are so focused on keeping the clubface on-line throughout your swing, you will likely exhibit some form of this fault in your attempts to keep clubface movement to a minimum. As the video below describes, this is counter-productive.  Not only…

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Undoubtedly The 5 Most Unpopular Golf Gifts This Christmas ?>

Undoubtedly The 5 Most Unpopular Golf Gifts This Christmas

It’s inevitable. This holiday season millions of golfers the world over will be receiving golf related gifts that they’ll feign excitement upon receiving, only to have them thrown in their “golf crap” box in the basement, never to see the light of day again. Trust us, it’s not your fault, you tried, and we appreciate that, but most of us golfers are picky, and we just like what we like. If you’re reading this post, you’re either looking for last…

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