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Month: September 2016

How to Blade Your Wedge… on Purpose ?>

How to Blade Your Wedge… on Purpose

The bladed wedge is a little known short game shot that’s very effective from a difficult situation. When your ball comes to rest on the fringe and right up against the collar of the rough surrounding the green. This particular situation makes any type of normal chip shot a for-sure chunk, and any play with a putter usually ends of topped. This is where the bladed wedge comes in… the leading edge of the wedge can sift through the grass…

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Picture Of The Ping G10 Driver ?>

Picture Of The Ping G10 Driver

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. It’s been a busy day so I’ll keep this one brief. The title says it all… let’s get to it! The USGA website now has pictures of the much rumored Ping G10 woods. We talked about these last month and we’re expecting to see them in the fall. Not much is known on these but it looks like they’ll be the replacement for the current G5. Thanks to the USGA website for the…

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Titleist’s New DT TruSoft Golf Ball ?>

Titleist’s New DT TruSoft Golf Ball

Hey there thanks for stopping by! Today we’re happy to tell you that Titleist is introducing their new DT TruSoft golf balls on October 1st. The DT TruSoft was designed for golfers who like a truly soft feel. It has a new core and cover formulation engineered by Titleist R&D and promises to deliver an incredibly soft compression feel with impressive distance and short game playability. “Through our extensive testing with golfers, we know there is a growing interest for extremely…

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Cleveland 588 Custom Line ?>

Cleveland 588 Custom Line

Hey everyone thanks for stopping by this evening.  Available to pre-order now and in stores in early February – the new 588 Custom line is a step above the previously released 588 Altitude line. This new line, offers all the bells and whistles better players and tour pros expect, with a great price to boot.  Here’s the nitty gritty and some pictures: The new 588 Custom driver is 460CC titanium head, with an adjustable hosel that offers 12 different settings…

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Ping Golf G30 Rumours ?>

Ping Golf G30 Rumours

With Ping recently dropping prices for its G25 line, rumours are abound at what is coming next from these guys. And since we’re in the business of rumours, we feel that we’d share with you what we’ve found, what we know and what is likely to be the next line up from Ping this season. Ping’s release schedule is set to have a new release in the near future, and the price drop is a good indication that something is…

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