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Month: October 2016

Top 5 Issues Killing Golfers Over 50: Shoulder Rotation ?>

Top 5 Issues Killing Golfers Over 50: Shoulder Rotation

Happy Spring! Today we are going to address the 4th most common issue killing golfers over the age of 50: The flying elbow. The flying elbow occurs at the top of the backswing and is when the right elbow is pointing behind you instead of down at the ground. The right elbow is chicken winged and is out of alignment. Killing any chance at a good swing. From this position, it is nearly impossible to attack the golf ball from…

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Bridgestone Tourstage X-Drive GR Driver ?>

Bridgestone Tourstage X-Drive GR Driver

Hey everyone, and thanks for stopping by. Today we’ve got a new find on the USGA confirming list to share with from Bridgestone. This driver was released amongst the new releases from Callaway, TaylorMade, Nike & Cobra. It was tested in right-hand 9.5 and 10.5 degrees. See a picture below!

Can a Golf School Transform Your Swing To Be The Best It Can Be? ?>

Can a Golf School Transform Your Swing To Be The Best It Can Be?

We’d like to welcome another guest blogger to . Eric Wilson is a PGA Master Professional and the Vice President of The College of Golf at Keiser University in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Today Eric talks about what a good golf school can offer those individuals looking to make a career out of the game that we love. You love the game of golf. What serious player doesn’t want to improve their swing, cut strokes, and consistently hit the 19th…

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TaylorMade’s M1 Driver ?>

TaylorMade’s M1 Driver

Hey everyone, say hello to TaylorMade’s newest driver, one they’ve actually been sitting on at headquarters, as its been a little while since TaylorMade released a driver.  This new model marks a departure from the R series… and replaces it with an M. The M stands for multi-material construction, and this new driver features some pretty cool, ultra-thin-light carbon composite on the crown, which is when combined with a weighted-sole plate lowers the clubs centre of gravity significantly. This new…

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Adams 9088 UL Driver Review ?>

Adams 9088 UL Driver Review

Hey everyone – thanks for stopping by. I was able to test out the Adams 9088 UL driver this weekend, and took some time to pull together a review to share. I’ve been anxious to hit this new driver by Adams, and it didn’t let me down. Enjoy! The Club: I was hitting a 10.5 Adams UL 9088 driver with a Matrix Radix HD 4.1 stiff shaft. This new driver by Adams hides the 460 CC well, and features an…

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