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Month: November 2016

Break Your Best Series : Breaking 80 ?>

Break Your Best Series : Breaking 80

This infamous scoring barrier is next on our list. I know for a fact at my local club, this one is a particular challenge for players with the game to get them to this level. It becomes a ridiculous mind-game that’s very tough to surpass. Below are seven tips that should help get you there, and out of your own way in the process. Learn To Play Sidehill LiesUneven lies are just apart of the game… learning how to the…

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2011 Callaway Footwear ?>

2011 Callaway Footwear

Good evening everyone. Callaway has made some real progress in the footwear market. I can remember when they first came out with shoes. We took some at our shop figuring the hardcore Callaway guys would jump all over them because of the brand name. We weren’t expecting much in the way of quality or comfort.. we expected that they would be around for a few years and then they’d fade away. Wow… were we ever wrong. People loved them! The…

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How to Properly Videotape Your Golf Swing ?>

How to Properly Videotape Your Golf Swing

There are countless videos and movies on Youtube of amateur golfers looking for some advice on their golf swing. Many are quick to provide their advice, but without a properly recorded swing, the camera can play tricks on the eye. Much like when you’re watching golf on TV and Tiger Woods looks as though he shanked one, because the ball jumps quickly off to the right of the screen – the same happens for amateur video. On our sister site,…

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Nike Air Embellish Footwear for Women ?>

Nike Air Embellish Footwear for Women

Having a golf shoe to match every outfit will no longer be a problem if Nike Golf has their way. The company has introduced their new 4-in-1 shoe – the Nike Air Embellish. So what makes a golf shoe 4-in-1? Let’s find out… BEAVERTON, Ore. (January 5, 2011) – It’s an obsession at Nike Golf to design footwear so comfortable that golfers forget they have shoes on their feet. To accomplish the ultimate in comfort, fashion and performance for women,…

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A Quick 18 With Short Par 4 ?>

A Quick 18 With Short Par 4

We recently had the chance to sit down with Bobby Dimeo that founder of Short Par 4, a company that wants to be your personal style caddie. In a nutshell, Short Par 4 will keeping you styling on the links with custom selected high-end clothing that they send to your door on a subscription basis. They work with some of the best retailers out there and can tailor each package to a particular golfer’s style and needs. We tested out the…

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