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Month: January 2017

2011 Nike Everclear Putter ?>

2011 Nike Everclear Putter

This new putter by Nike will join their lower-end putter line for 2011, with a MSRP of $89. In case you’re wondering, yes that’s a swoosh across the face.  Nike’s putters have been pretty solid across their entire line, whether it’s their Method line or cheaper putters like this… definitely give this stick a try the first chance you get.  

TaylorMade Introduces CGB MAX Rescue ?>

TaylorMade Introduces CGB MAX Rescue

Hey everyone. TaylorMade Golf has introduced a new hybrid and we’ve got an interesting article on beta blockers. TaylorMade has expanded the CGB MAX family with the introduction of the CGB MAX Rescue. The hybrid features a triangular shape and low center of gravity. The unique shape helps with MOI and the low center of gravity makes it easy to get the ball in the air. The club is available in three different models for men and will be in…

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Smart Golf 101: Guarded Par 4 with Water at 90 yards ?>

Smart Golf 101: Guarded Par 4 with Water at 90 yards

We all know this type of short par 4. The one where you’re trying to decided wether you should hit an iron or a driver off the tee, then questioning where to aim on the green. Here’s the nitty gritty on this smart golf post: Par 4 – Water at 90 yards from the green. Tighter landing area, and well guarded green with 4 bunkers. For this hole, wind is not a factor, nor is elevation change.Tips: 380 yardsWhite Tees:…

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Callaway Fairway Wood – Golf Patents ?>

Callaway Fairway Wood – Golf Patents

A few weeks ago a Callaway design patent issued that made me scratch my head and say “what club is that…. I don’t immediately recognize it so it must be one for the ladies or the juniors.” Well, I still don’t know, but it definitely has a sole configuration unlike any clubs they currently have in the US market. It may the design of new product offering. The patent is USPN D569941 titled “Golf Club Sole.” Check out this sole…

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Evolution of the Golf Swing Thanks to Modern Materials ?>

Evolution of the Golf Swing Thanks to Modern Materials

Most things in life change. The golf swing is no exception. Today’s golfer has space age equipment compared to our forefathers. Swings have changed; equipment has changed. The spirit of the game however, has endured. If you could somehow enter a time machine to find yourself on a golf course 400 years ago in Scotland, the birthplace of modern golf, you likely wouldn’t recognize the game you were playing. Modern materials have completely changed the game. From the clothes and…

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