Aldila RIP 60 & 70 Shaft Profile ?>

Aldila RIP 60 & 70 Shaft Profile

Profile – The Aldila Alpha RIP 60 and 70 shafts marked a step away from the Voodoo S-core technology. This shaft, which has already made quite a name for itself on the PGA Tour and is really designed and geared towards lower handicaps who have higher swing speeds. These shafts employ a unique technology that completely transformed the way Aldila makes a golf shaft – this technology is called Reverse Interlaminary Positioning (RIP). The result is a lower, boring ball flight with minimal spin.

What Makes It Work – Aldila RIP Technology: Aldila used computer-modeling technology to really re-think how they made a golf shaft. They were able to reverse the layering of carbon fibers on the shaft so the outer layers were the strongest – doing this drastically increased the tip strength. By re-engineering the golf shaft in this fashion they didn’t require as much material to create the specifications they were looking for – resulting in a shaft that was surprisingly lightweight, with good feel, low torque, optimal flex and better tip stiffness.

Who’s It For – The Aldila RIP shaft models are designed for lower single-digit handicaps and professionals. To fully take advantage of this shaft you require a faster swing speed. Also players who already struggle with a lower ball flight will have some issues with this shaft. If you’re a better player and want a shaft to help lower your ball flight, lower your spin, and increase your consistency this shaft is for you. If you’re using this shaft and still hitting it too high you can tip the shaft to slightly lower the trajectory even more.

What People Say – The Aldila RIP 60 shaft is a solid feeling shaft with great feel and a ball trajectory bordering more on mid than low. Since the shaft is designed for higher swing speeds, one individual recommended testing out a couple shafts before buying one – you may use a stiff shaft now, but an Aldila RIP Regular may do the trick. Great distance, and consistency.

The Aldila RIP 70 shaft produces a lower, boring ball trajectory on swing speeds upwards of 100MPH. Before switching to this shaft you may want to test it out, if you already have a driver loft less than 9 degrees, it can be difficult to get airborne without sufficient clubhead speed. If you have issues with ballooning – this shaft may be for you. Solid feel, great responsiveness, consistency, distance and control.

People love the look of the shaft, especially the skull and crossbones at the top. The shaft is an option on the Titleist 910 D2 driver however this shaft was custom made to fit the driver.  So, it has different performance specifications that the models shown below.

PGA players having nothing but good things to say about the RIP.

Full Shaft Details & Specs

Below are the full details of the entire line-up on RIP shafts, including the Alpha, Beta and Gamma series.  To be able to tell the difference between these shafts, you have to look at the eyes of the skull.  Red eyes represent Alpha Shafts, green eyes are Beta Shafts, and gold eyes are the Gamma Shafts.

Aldila RIP Alpha 60 Wood

Flex- R, S, X

Weight – 62, 63, 66 grams

Torque – 3.2, 2.9, 2.7

Bend Point – mid to high


Aldila Alpha RIP 70 Wood

Flex- R, S, X

Weight – 74, 74, 77 grams

Torque – 3.0, 2.7, 2.4

Bend Point – mid to high


Aldila Alpha RIP 80 Wood

Flex- S, X

Weight – 85, 88 grams

Torque – 2.2, 2.0

Bend Point – mid to high

Shaft Notes: This shaft hits the ball on the lowest trajectory of the three models, and with the least amount of spin.



Aldila Beta RIP 60 Wood

Flex- R, S, X

Weight – 62, 64, 66 grams

Torque – 3.9, 3.5, 3.2

Bend Point – mid


Aldila Beta RIP 70 Wood

Flex- S, X

Weight – 74, 76 grams

Torque – 3.1, 2.8

Bend Point – mid

Shaft Notes: The beta shaft hits the ball on the higher trajectory of the three models, spin rates are still low, but higher than both the Gamma and Alpha.


Aldila Gamma RIP 60 Wood

Flex- R, S, X

Weight – 69, 69, 71 grams

Torque – 3.7, 3.4, 3.2

Bend Point – mid to high


Aldila Gamma RIP 70 Wood

Flex- R, S, X

Weight – 78, 79, 81 grams

Torque – 3.5, 3.2, 3.0

Bend Point – mid to high

Shaft Notes: Despite having similar bend characteristics as the Alpha shafts, the Gamma hits the ball on a high trajectory with more spin.


MSRP $199

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