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My New Favourite Golf Analyst – @normmacdonald ?>

My New Favourite Golf Analyst – @normmacdonald

It’s not unusual that I find myself away from the television on the weekend. Gone are the days when my whole Sunday consisted of watching golf and football while eating a pizza and cracking open a few cold drinks. I’ve got a family now and we’ve got a whole list of things to do every weekend. One of the things that I rarely get to do anymore is watch a complete golf tournament. I did my best this past weekend…

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Golf Exercise To Improve Posture ?>

Golf Exercise To Improve Posture

A simple golf exercise to improve your posture is all it takes to see a dramatic improvement in your golf swing consistency and power.  So many golfers have difficulty in maintaining their golf posture throughout their golf swing.  This is critical to your consistency!  Maintaining your initial posture throughout your swing is a must for solid contact.  When a golfer has weak or tight hamstrings, his/her chances of maintaining this position is nearly impossible.  What you have left is one…

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Golf Warm Up Exercise ?>

Golf Warm Up Exercise

Do you want to avoid those early round blow up holes?  Then don’t skip your golf warm up exercises. Being a golfer is a lot like being an athlete. Don’t laugh!  Athletes would never go onto the playing field and expect to perform without warming up their body specific to the sport they are competing in. Golfers are no different! I’ll bet you can admit rushing to the course, running to the first tee, meaning you didn’t warm up, and…

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The Pros Use Custom Fit Golf Clubs, Do You? ?>

The Pros Use Custom Fit Golf Clubs, Do You?

Whether you are a touring professional, or are simply considering taking up the game, one thing can be said of custom fit golf clubs: the comfort and confidence you get will repay their cost many times over. In fact, many of the best club manufacturers will offer you a free custom fitting session when you decide to purchase their brand of golf clubs. Professional golfers discovered the benefits of custom fit clubs decades ago. Touring pros today, sponsored by many…

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Stretching For Power Golf ?>

Stretching For Power Golf

Implementing stretching exercises to improve your power in golf is easier than you think…and it won’t kill you either!  What I mean by that is the time, effort and strain you’ll put in is minimal if you have a targeted, golf-specific stretching program that improves your golf swing flexibility for higher clubhead speed and maximum distance. How do you know if you’re doing a golf-specific stretching program?  By looking at each and every stretch to see if it mimics a…

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