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Top 3 Faults Caused By Standing Too Close To The Ball ?>

Top 3 Faults Caused By Standing Too Close To The Ball

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that cause the most problems in the golf swing. The mis-step of standing too close to the ball at address can lead to a whole host of swing problems. This is likely why this is one of the toughest games in the world to master. The act of standing too close to the ball can ultimately lead to one of these three common swing faults: shanks, over-the-top swing path and poor contact. In this article…

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How to Blade Your Wedge… on Purpose ?>

How to Blade Your Wedge… on Purpose

The bladed wedge is a little known short game shot that’s very effective from a difficult situation. When your ball comes to rest on the fringe and right up against the collar of the rough surrounding the green. This particular situation makes any type of normal chip shot a for-sure chunk, and any play with a putter usually ends of topped. This is where the bladed wedge comes in… the leading edge of the wedge can sift through the grass…

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The New “Perfect” Grip ?>

The New “Perfect” Grip

“Golf begins with a good grip.” A famous quote by Ben Hogan. This statement couldn’t be any more true. A good grip is the foundation on which a swing should be built on. Without it, you’ll simply be compounding swing faults on top of each other in attempts to combat faults driven by your grip. So let’s get down to it. What makes a perfect grip? It’s not what it used to be. The grip has fundamentally changed over the…

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The Wrist Hinge Drill ?>

The Wrist Hinge Drill

While this fault may look silly, you’d be surprised how many players suffer from it. At the top of the backswing, some players are gripping the club so tightly, that their wrists do not hinge at the top.  If you are so focused on keeping the clubface on-line throughout your swing, you will likely exhibit some form of this fault in your attempts to keep clubface movement to a minimum. As the video below describes, this is counter-productive.  Not only…

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Why You Need A Lob Wedge ?>

Why You Need A Lob Wedge

Walking into any golf shop in town you’ll find iron sets that go from 3-pw or even more commonly now, 4-pw with a hybrid. But why only a pitching wedge? It’s no secret pitching wedges aren’t the pros clubs or choice around the greens, and especially not so from the sand. So why don’t more sets include them? The short answer, is so they can make more money, and while this post could rag on the OEM’s for this simple…

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