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How To Hit A Fade

The fade is the choice of most professionals for a reliable ball flight, including players like Tiger Woods and Fred Couples.

This type of shot is ideal for scoring as it encourages a higher ball flight, coupled with additional backspin and is easily controlled. All this considered, there is a huge difference between a fade and a slice. A slice is very much as out of control as a hook, and playing one consistently is nearly impossible.

Apart from changing your grip (which I wouldn’t suggest), the best way to play a fade is by slightly changing your swing path in relation to your alignment. First, setup to your ball normally, but align your feet perpendicular to the line you wish your ball to start. Aim your club face and shoulders to where you wish your ball to finish (your final target). Once setup, your feet should depict the line that your ball initially travels (red lines), your shoulder line and club face will depict where your ball will end-up (blue lines).

Swing back and through parallel to your feet line and see the result.

If done properly, the club should come into impact on a slightly out to in path coupled with an open club face because of your shoulder alignment.

Keep in mind that without sound fundamentals this will not work. An on path swing-path is crucial, if you are too flat or too steep, your results will erratic.

In summation to hit a fade, aim your feet at the position you want the ball to start. Aim your shoulders and club face at your final intended target. Swing back perpendicular to your feet line… and voila!


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