Evolution of the Golf Swing Thanks to Modern Materials ?>

Evolution of the Golf Swing Thanks to Modern Materials

Most things in life change. The golf swing is no exception. Today’s golfer has space age equipment compared to our forefathers. Swings have changed; equipment has changed. The spirit of the game however, has endured. If you could somehow enter a time machine to find yourself on a golf course 400 years ago in Scotland, the birthplace of modern golf, you likely wouldn’t recognize the game you were playing. Modern materials have completely changed the game. From the clothes and…

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Mitsubishi Rayon Launches Diamana ‘ahina Shaft ?>

Mitsubishi Rayon Launches Diamana ‘ahina Shaft

Named after the rare Hawaiian Silversword flower which grows only on the volcanic Mount Haleakala. The new Mitsubishi Rayon shaft the Diamana ‘ahina is the next generation of the Diamana series.  MRC Golf announced today that they will be improving on the original Diamana White Board shaft.  This new shaft features a similar bend profile to the original while incorporating the MD technology, for a stiffer mid and tip section. This low torque, low spin design helps keep the ball…

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TaylorMade Releases RocketBladez Irons ?>

TaylorMade Releases RocketBladez Irons

Leave to TaylorMade to re-define the word “blade” by stamping it on the back of a cavity-back iron. I guess RocketCavityBackZ doesn’t have the same ring to it. Or perhaps like many other once easily defined golf words, like “optimal trajectory” or “prototype”, they’ve just gone to the wind. Anyway, I digress… TaylorMade recently made some hooplah over their “One Little Thing” promo and press release today and now have released their next set of irons for the 2013 season…

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High Spin Wedge Design – Golf Patents ?>

High Spin Wedge Design – Golf Patents

Wedges are interesting clubs. It is hard to define what makes a good wedge, but you know it when you feel it. One California inventor thinks they have developed the next big breakthrough in high-spin wedge design. Do you agree? The drawings above come from a patent application that published as US Pub. No. 20070254747 titled “Back Spin Wedge.” The patent application describes the invention as: A back spin wedge to make a golf ball rolls backward after the golf…

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Scratch Golf Shutting Down ?>

Scratch Golf Shutting Down

We’re saddened to share the news that Scratch Golf, makers of some of the truly unique and amazing wedges and irons available on the market today is shutting its doors. The golf business is a tough one, especially for the little guys going head to head against the major OEM’s with their basically limitless budgets. Scratch golf had a great run, and made some truly exceptional clubs… this goes to show you how tough the business really is. Despite getting…

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