A Casual Friday At Bethpage Black ?>

A Casual Friday At Bethpage Black

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Today we wanted to share with you some pictures we shot while out at the Barclays on Friday, watching the pros play (and struggle) on this incredibly difficult course.  We had a great time following the big guys (which we rarely get to see up in Canada) on a fantastic day out at Bethpage Park.  We were playing around with our camera apps for these pictures, we hope you enjoy.

Srixon Releases Spin Skin ?>

Srixon Releases Spin Skin

Howdy everyone – we got some breaking news coming out from Srixon today.  They recently released pictures of their new Z-STAR & Z-STAR XV balls with Spin Skin ($44.99) for 2013.  Expect them in stores August 8th.  This new ball has already had a ton of success on tour with 40 wins to date, and G-Mac is apparently even gaming this week at the British.  Here’s what Srixon has to say and some pictures of the new ball and their…

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How to Make the Perfect Putting Grip ?>

How to Make the Perfect Putting Grip

I was teaching a student last week, and was asked this question. My answer was simple – “there is no perfect putting grip”. As long you incorporate some basic grip fundamentals, your putting grip can be as unique as your swing. This fact is proven on tour, where you will see a multitude of different grips being employed. When trying to choose a putting grip that works for you… just go with whatever works and gives you confidence on the…

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Adams Speedline Fast 12 Driver Pics ?>

Adams Speedline Fast 12 Driver Pics

Hi all, thanks for stopping by – we hope you’ve got all your holiday shopping done! Below, we’ve got an item that likely isn’t on your wish list yet, but maybe next year! Here is our first good look of the Adams Speedline Fast 12 line, which includes a driver and fairway woods. What stands out to me here is the driver shape – ugly, but likely helps drastically with MOI, and keeping off-center shots on-line. We’d love to hear…

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The 7 Steps Every Backswing Should Have: Arms & Shoulders Act Together ?>

The 7 Steps Every Backswing Should Have: Arms & Shoulders Act Together

You’ve heard it before, but do you really understand how a simple concept like the ‘triangle-setup’ can set the stage for your entire swing. This simple setup visualization, is something you can see in any professional’s swing, its universal – and who are you to mess with the universe? so in short, your swing better have it. The triangle is formed between your arms, wrists and shoulders. The triangle isn’t perfectly level, as your leading shoulder should always be raised…

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