Rory McIlroy to Nike Golf? **UPDATED** ?>

Rory McIlroy to Nike Golf? **UPDATED**

The rumors of Rory jumping to Nike Golf aren’t really all that new (they’ve been floating around online for a while) but I’m hearing that it might finally be a done deal. It’s still too early to speculate what clubs might fill his new Nike golf bag but from what I understand he’ll be able to retain his endorsement deal with Jumeirah Group and still wear their logo on his hat… something that doesn’t happen all that often as Nike likes their athletes sporting the swoosh.

Put it this way… nothing will be “official” until Nike trots out Rory at a news conference and talks about how great it is to have both he and Tiger on “Team Swoosh”.

But if I were a betting man… I think there’s a better chance of Rory to Nike Golf than the Chargers engaging in another epic 2nd half collapse. And we all know that will happen again… soon.

Stay tuned…

*UPDATE (Oct 19, 2012) – Irish Golf Desk is reporting Rory’s deal with Nike will be in the 10 years, $250 million range. Not bad…

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